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Robert Ulsh

Robert Ulsh

Owner | Producer | Engineer

With more than 30 years of studio experience, Rob has worked with countless national-level artists and major labels. Conversant in the nuances of myriad genres, he brings to every project not merely inimitable technical know-how but also the passion and discernment of a life-long musician.

“Working with Rob was a pure joy. I continue to receive compliments on the sound quality of my album we produced together.”
Dustin Furlow, Singer-Songwriter
 Veer Magazine 2016 award-winner for “Best Acoustic/Folk Artist” in Hampton Roads

David Stillman

David Stillman

Producer | Engineer | Multi-Instrumentalist

A classically-trained pianist, session guitarist and bassist, David has produced and engineered sessions from New England to Los Angeles. A former commercial studio proprietor, he is Editor of the blog Fugitive Sounds and a career educator.

Tom Gwaltney

Tom Gwaltney

Composer | Producer | Engineer

A producer and composer of numerous film and television scores, including various Discovery-channel series and the hit New Detectives, Tom is also the brains behind VI-elements, one of the best commercially-available sample and loop libraries.

“I’m knocked out with the sound you achieve, right away! It’s very rare. I’ve done most of my recording in NYC with a few of the heavy engineers…but it never sounds this good right out of the box. Thanks for your ears and your artistry!”

Chuck Redd
Vibist, Drumer & Percussionist

“Rob not only listens incredibly well to the music, but more importantly , he listens to the artist with the same exacting attention to detail.  I have worked on many projects with Rob with different groups in a multitudes of styles, and in all cases he is the consummate professional.  Great ears, amazingly patient, a stickler for details, and an excellent sense of humor.”

John Toomey

“You don’t record, mix or master at the same studio over the course of 14 recordings if the engineering wasn’t exceptional. Rob Ulsh is one of the best in the business. I’ll be seeing him again soon I’m sure. “

Jae Sinnett
Composer, Drummer & Percussionist 

Just A Few Of The Musicians Affiliated With Master Sound

Drums & Percussion

Bob Habib
Randy Hagin
Brian Jones
Johnny McKnight
Drew Orton
Andrew Payne
Powell Randolph
Jae Sinnett


Beverly Anderson (Viola)
Charles Austin (Various)
Elizabeth Coulter-      Vonderheide (Violin)
Michael Daniels (Cello)
Amanda Gates (Violin)
Rebecca Gilmore (Cello)
Allegra Havens (Violin)
Jocelyn Smith (Viola)
Chris White (Bass)


Terry Burrell
Derrick Englert
Tony Hawkins
David Hustedler
Jimmy Masters
James Modulus
Levi Pulaski
Richad Spano
Lisa Fusco Verdin


Liana Diagmar
Micah Foxx


Cal Hamil
Bart Keebler
Jamie Lewis
KC Square
David Stillman
John Toomey


Chandler Able
Kelly Back
Eddie Berman
Larry Burwell
Marty Cheyka
Jesse Chong
Mark Dunn
Michael Durig
Lenny Holmes
Josh Jones
Tom Jones
Sean Lindfors
Anthony Rosini
Elliot Randy Savage
David Stillman
Eldon Sully
Alain Villafranca
Alex Woodland

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