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In Session: NRVS System

Up-and-coming local indie band NRVS System came into the studio late last month to track two songs for a late-spring release. The trio (guitarist/vocalist Chris Shaw, bassist/vocalist Jeffry Meek, and drummer/vocalist Antoine Coston) spent two days tracking the project, which was produced by David Stillman and was engineered by Rob Ulsh and David Stillman.

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Logos: Time In A Bubble

Eminent engineer and producer Joe Barresi, who has worked with QOTSA, The Melvins, Tool, New Model Army, Bad Religion, and many others, has some thoughts on spending too much time in front of your ProTools rig.

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Sessions: Chase Payne

Virginia Beach-based solo country artist Chase Payne came to the studio to track drums for a new song, “Comes From The Heart,” from a forthcoming release entitled Life’s Just Started.

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Logos: A Little More Freedom

Andy Summers rose to fame as the guitarist with The Police, who of course received several Grammys and awards too numerous to mention. More importantly, Summers’ innovative guitar playing created a new paradigm for guitarists in this period and has been widely imitated ever since. Post Police Andy has made thirteen solo records, composed film scores, and published several books of his photography.

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Studio PSA: Tiny Telephone Kickstarter: Rai$e The Roof

Independent music fans: Whether you know it or not, a great deal of your favorite music from the past two decades was recorded at the Bay Area’s Tiny Telephone studio, founded in 1997 by musician, songwriter, producer, and engineer John Vanderslice. A renowned bay-area operation, TT is in urgent need of a new roof for their Oakland facility. And here’s how you can help the cause.

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