We are fortunate to work on many projects here at Master Sound, across myriad genres. Each is compelling and inspiring. And we’re always ecstatic when a record, EP, or single on which we’ve worked with a fantastic band or artist gains acclaim and renown—whether local, national, or international.

Virginia Beach hard-rock-stoner-rock-quasi-metal-whatever-descriptor-fits band Freedom Hawk dropped their most recent album, Beast Remains, on Friday, March 23. The record has been greeted with a bevy of great reviews and general kudos from critics and fans alike.

Freedom Hawk spent six weeks with us in late 2017 tracking and mixing Beast Remains. It was an invigorating experience, and we are happy to celebrate their success as they prepare to head across the pond for a much-heralded European tour, taking in a variety of venues and festivals across the UK and the continent. The April/May European tour includes stops at Desertfest London, DesertFest Berlin, Tube Cult Fest Pescara, IT Tube Cult Fest, Gieszer Fest Leipzig, Metalheadz Festival Bayern, “Riot Surf Boards” event in Munich, and shows with Dopelord in Brussels & Mannheim.

Here’s a quick compendium of the press the band has received thus far, from various critical outlets—with links to the recording’s salutary reviews. And thanks again to the band for entrusting us with production duties. We had a great time with a superior band at the top of their form.

• Apple Music’s “Breaking Metal” Playlist includes Freedom Hawk’s “Solid Gold,” the lead single from the record, for the week of March 23. No small achievement. Listen to the track here: Freedom Hawk, “Solid Gold.” 

• From Decibel Magazine, “Songwriting acumen? Brother, Freedom Hawk has it. Case in point, ‘Solid Gold,’ the leading track from their fifth full-length, Beast Remains…[the band] indulges in amp-and-tone-worship. Dig that liquid guitar tone on the muted scraping riff that anchors the song. Still, said sonic playfulness never gets in the way of a solid chorus courtesy of singer and riffmeister T.R. Morton.”

• From the influential Angry Metal Guy BlogBeast Remains Review, “Beast Remains…deliver(s) some righteous rock swagger and attitude…along with monstrously catchy gems.”

• From The Obelisk, the band’s “fifth long-player, Beast Remains, finds their processes in a state of even further refinement, reaffirming some things that have always been true about them as a band while pushing them ahead into new territories and new trajectories.”

• From Maximum Volume, the “always superb Freedom Hawk have done it again, in fact they’ve done a little bit more than the usual. They’ve come up with what might be their finest work. For them, four is the magic number. They’ve entered Beast Mode here.”

We expect further stellar reviews, and we congratulate the band on their achievement. Thanks for listening.