Hampton Roads’ own punk/thrash/hardcore outfit Stuck Backwards came through on a rainy Saturday afternoon to track drums for an upcoming EP release.

Sonically, this is heady, heavy stuff, not for the faint-of-heart. The band’s own compendium of their sound reads as follows: “Energetic metal riffs, like a revving semi truck as it propels through an elementary school. Punk-influenced beats, not unlike  mental patient pounding his head against a cell door. A bass sound so thick it will shake you to your core. Blistering, contagious vocals that will leave unexplainable rashes.”

The four guys (decorum prevents us from mentioning here their somewhat “irreverent” stage names) brought plenty of drop-C guitar grind, thundering bass riffs, and frantic, propulsive drumming.

The band are Master Sound veterans, having tracked and mixed with us their previous record, Fear Of A Prison Planet.

Over the last decade they’ve also toured alongside or supported myriad metal, punk, and hardcore acts, including GWAR, The Misfits, D.R.I., The Dave Brockie Experience, The Casualties, Murphy’s Law, Murder Junkies, Against All Authority, Arsis, Supine (featuring members of Jimmy’s Chicken Shack), Hudson Falcon, Mensrea, Trash Talk, and many others. They were also selected to play several dates on The Vans Warped Tour by founder Kevin Lyman.